0110: the end result

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way to go:

A U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft dropped two 500-pound (227 kg) bombs on a house in a date-palm grove in a village north of Baghdad, killing the most-wanted man in Iraq

And be sure to check out this remix by the creator of worlds.

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Brave new world

Move along, nothing to see here...

A 75-year-old man has been denied hip treatment after health officials warned him about sending hospital staff pictures of aborted foetuses.Anti-abortion supporter Edward Atkinson has been jailed for 28 days for sending offensive photos to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, Norfolk.The hospital said Atkinson had been banned from treatment for anything other than life-threatening conditions.

Stuff minitruth doesn't want you to read...

Wij zijn de kuddedieren, zij zijn de roofdieren. De kuddedieren hebben de roofdieren zelf in hun biotoop toegelaten. Onze politieke, geestelijke en intellectuele “herders” hebben ons wijsgemaakt dat dit een “verrijking” voor onze samenleving ging worden. Door roofdieren bij de kuddedieren te zetten zouden onze herders immers op aarde het hemelse Utopia kunnen verwezenlijken, de multiculturele welvaartsstaat waarin, naar het Bijbelse woord, de leeuw zich vreedzaam naast het lam zou vleien.

...and all for the collective

There were three musketeers in The Netherlands not too long ago, brave and unconventional free thinking individuals. Two have been murdered, the last one has now been expelled. - Pieter Dorsman

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Leugens en laster betekenen niets'', zei Castro aan het begin van het 4,5 uur durende programma laconiek - anonymous

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Quotomatic Under Fire

"crazed religious fanatics poised to unleash some sort of devestating weapon on the world"

[S]ome have gone so far as to suggest that Iran poses no threat to the US whatsoever—unless, that is, the US tries to stop Iran from finishing its nuclear weapons program. Under this description, though, the international community’s fear of a nuclear armed Iran can only be assuaged by allowing Iran to become nuclear armed. Because any attempt to stop them makes them more dangerous than they otherwise would be should they, er, become nuclear armed. - Jeff Goldstein

"poseur and a fraud"

If you think the case for intervention in Darfur depends on whether or not the Chinese guy raises his hand, sorry, you're not being serious. The good people of Darfur have been entrusted to the legitimacy of the UN for more than two years and it's killing them. In 2004, after months of expressing deep concern, grave concern, deep concern over the graves and deep grave concern over whether the graves were deep enough, Kofi Annan took decisive action and appointed a UN committee to look into what's going on. Eventually, they reported back that it's not genocide. - Mark Steyn

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"Gimme Shelter"

The FN M249, the weapon of champions ... and some wannebees.

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"Nur eine Waffe taugt"

Tigerhawk guest-posting at the Belmont Club:

We need Average Abdul to stop cooperating with al Qaeda and to start turning in the jihadis in the back of the mosque. Unfortunately, he won't turn in the jihadis because he is more afraid of them than the local regime and he will not bear any risk to defend the clown regime. The jihadis will kill him and his family for blowing the whistle, but the clown regime will neither punish him for keeping silent or induce him to fight the jihadis out of patriotism. Average Abdul, simply put, is unwilling to risk his life for the clown regime, which has not earned his devotion, even for money.

Average Abdul will, however, risk his life for an idea, just as al Qaeda's jihadis do. Once, that idea was pan-Arabism, or Communism. Today, both are discredited. "Moderate Islam," whatever that means in a dusty town in Syria, Jordan or Egypt, obviously does not have the fire to motivate Abdul to risk his life to fight the Islamists. The only idea with the juice to do the job is popular sovereignty. Democracy. This is the realist case for the Bush administration's "democratization strategy" (although it is not entirely clear how many people inside the Bush administration understand the realist case for their most important strategy).

The jihadis understand this, and fight against democracy in the Arab world with everything they've got, even if it costs them their Ba'athist allies.

In fighting against democracy in the Arab world, the jihadis polarize Arabs. While many decry this polarization as "instability," by its nature polarization creates more enemies of the jihad. Some of these new enemies of jihad will be disgusted with al Qaeda's mass casualty attacks, or they will be "national aspiration" Islamists who are threatened by the jihad's internationalist reach and ambition. Others will be inspired by their last, best chance at some form of representative government. Either way, enemies of the jihad pick up a weapon, walk a post and -- most importantly -- drop a dime on their enemy, even if they don't like Americans. Wherever a reasonably representative government emerges, Average Abdul will start to turn in the jihadis in the back of the mosque, now for his own reasons.

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Guy Debisschop, supermenteur

Over at pinko HQ, Guy Debisschop is still spreading the lie that

le projet de décret flamand ... prévoit toujours bien comme condition d’attribution d’un logement social la maîtrise de la langue néerlandaise

If petit Guy would actually take the trouble to read stuff in Dutch, he would know that

Wie dat diploma niet kan voorleggen, wordt bij de inschrijving uitgenodigd om Nederlands te leren en dient een gesprek en een covaar-test af te leggen in een Huis van het Nederlands. Afhankelijk van de resultaten hiervan dienen deze kandidaten zich te engageren een cursus Nederlandse taalles te volgen op maat. Dit impliceert datzowel een Chinees, een Deen of een Waal die zich aanmeldt voor een sociale huurwoning, naar een Huis van hetNederlands moet.

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