"It's Only Make Believe"


UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says he won a pledge from Syria to increase border security with Lebanon and take steps to stop the flow of arms.

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kofi One more year. I just hope we've reached the bottom with Annan. Can't imagine there's a bigger clown waiting in the wings.

Gepost door: Outlaw Mike | 02-09-06

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Gepost door: LV | 05-10-06

Anna still there? It is time to replace him

Gepost door: Alain | 29-09-08

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Gepost door: hetraifaer | 13-07-10

Kofi Annan is LONG GONE!

Gepost door: Vinnie | 15-12-10

Kofi's security measures are plain lies.

Gepost door: Basketbal | 08-12-14

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