My guess for the Israeli battleplan: a number of different columns converging to envelope Tyre, bypassing most of the south and east.

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brigades? I assume the rectangles are brigades, not divisions? I seem to recall the basic operational unit in the IDF ground forces is the brigade. Whether brigades or divisions, do you care to tell me how you know the armored elements are to the west and northeast?

Gepost door: Outlaw Mike | 12-08-06

-- well, the center columns do not go through armor-friendly terrain, so infantry will have to do the job. That is, if there's going to be an assault.


Gepost door: dof | 12-08-06

-- scrap the "if".

Anyway what's with the Israelis having regiment-sized brigades? It's rather confusing.

Gepost door: dof | 12-08-06

regiments/brigades Terminology may not mean the same thing in different military cultures. However, as a general rule, a regiment is a non-self supporting unit (i.e. without own supply columns, maintenance units, medical personnel) representing about 1/3 of the COMBAT power of a division. So divisions (which have all the above non-combat extras) often have three regiments. A regiment is also a one-specialty unit e.g. an infantry regiment, an armoured regiment.

Brigades are self-supporting and have about half the strenght of a division.

Now, the above was a fairly precise description for WWII ops. Today, the distinction between terms is blurred. Plus, in an army like the US army, division have greatly expanded (20,000 men is no exception, compared to 12,000 men in WWII).

There's a lot more to say, but I hope that this may help a bit.

Gepost door: Outlaw Mike | 14-08-06

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