"Whoa Silver!"

Yes, the guys running to and fro on this set of Adnan photos appear staged. We can agree with that. However, John Hinderaker seems to have a bad case of Adnan-fever when he conjectures the car appearing on both sides of the destroyed bridge. No such thing, the car remains on the same side of the bridge, the last picture is taken with a tele lens.

Observe the same tree and pylon on the left, and another tree and apartment building on the right. Also, the very thin shadow under the upside down car in the last picture is indicative of a tele lens, and possible even the hint of an horizontal line at the bottom, that very well might be the fissure between adjacent slabs of concrete also visible in the first picture.

for John, who remains sceptic, a little diagram: the three blue lines are the left, right and middle of the road. The car is on the left side of the road, so, not visible.

Qasim seems to be the name of the village where the coastal road from Tyre to Beirut crosses the Litani. The 2nd "Qasmiya bridge" might then just be another bridge upriver.

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