"Rock And Roll Part 2"

If you ask me, there are good reasons why kids should only be forced to read dead authors.

Belgian writer Hubert Lampo, one of the founders of magic realism in Flanders, has died aged 85...

Author of 21 novels - of which The coming of Joachim Stiller is the most famous - as well as novellas and short stories, Lampo has received several awards and was for many years regarded as a candidate for the Nobel Prize.

Strongly influenced by his experience of World War Two, Lampo's work focused on humanism, democracy and social engagement. He was also a co-founder of a prominent literary magazine.

The literary genre of magic realism, which combines a realistic setting with supernatural elements, was made famous by Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and Gabriel Garcia Marquez among other writers.

Lampo was born in Antwerp on September 1, 1920.

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