JVH commemorative T-shirt caption contest

It's fairly simple: come up with an appropiate message to put on a JVH commemorative T-shirt and put it in the comments.

If you don't want to leave your real name, invent one, or use AC. Don't use someone else's name.

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MP3 My MP3 player was made in Israel.

Gepost door: LVB | 23-04-06

MP3 (2) Yes, that's genuine pig leather on my MP3 player!

Gepost door: LVB | 23-04-06

MP3 (3) Warning: robbing and/or killing me
may result in many Vlaams Belang-votes!

Gepost door: A.N. | 23-04-06

MP3 (4) Don't envy my iPod because it's white.

Gepost door: AC | 23-04-06

Another government ad campaign http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/7868/mp3diversiteit9lp.jpg

Gepost door: AC | 01-05-06

Antwerp-Paris 1968 if you wanna mp3 u gonna have to sugkka mine kok first

Gepost door: themroc | 02-07-06

sorry about that chief #!§ whoops
Catalonia, 1936

Gepost door: themroc | 02-07-06

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