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I've heard this kind of speech before in trips to small mountain towns where a government representative is at pains to say that while he cannot officially encourage the headmen to pay the "revolutionary tax" levied by the insurgents he 'understands' that the rules of natural hospitality do not preclude making gestures of good will to all comers. But the government message to the headmen was really we cannot protect you and you will have to look out for yourselves though we will never officially admit it. ... [I] never expected to hear [this kind of speech] spoken in the heart of Europe. - Wretchard


[T]he cartoon crisis made protection too expensive. It may have been OK to pay Arafat a few billions but it had got so that any two-bit preacher could work up locals in his own "mosque" to become the Big Man in his ville, like Cap'n Hook Hamza. When extortion goes out of control the citizens start to push back and business goes bad for the established playahs. Damascus' attempt to [bitch-slap] the Scandinavian countries could backfire. - Wretchard

eternal vigilance

Het siert de betogers dat ze pas na maanden beraad in spontane woede zijn ontstoken. - Lady M

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