Red Quotomatic

subtlety and exalted rhetoric

It is one thing to subsidize a double-talking Arafat, quite another to keep giving money to terrorists who openly promise to finish the European holocaust. - Victor Davis Hanson

As good as it gets.

The enemy is out in the open, in our streets, and damn are they ugly. And moreover they are not attacking Israel (some foreign country who the Guardian says "do bad things") or America (some other foreign country the BBC says is run by BushMcHitler and "do bad things"), they are attacking tolerant non-colonialist non-military superpower non-zionist DENMARK and screaming that they want an Islamic veto over free speech in secular/Christian societies and they will kill anyone who upsets them. - Perry de Havilland

Badge of pride

Pfff, een omfloerste bedreiging, en klein bier in vergelijking met de fanmail die ik vorige week ontving. - LVB over de bedreigingen ontvangen door "De Standaard".

"Allah has made the infidels spineless."

when someone has to die for his world view, what he may have done wrong is no longer the issue. That's when we have to stand up for our basic rights. Otherwise we are just reinforcing the killer and conceding that there was a good reason to kill this person. - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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