Quotomatic Mountain

"for good people to do evil things"

But on our shores, it is rumored that the LA Times (we kid you not) are going to pick up the gauntlet and that the Dallas Morning News might follow suit. It sure would be nice if the impeccably credentialed and fearless paladins for truth in our own media would show the testicular fortitude to stand up for Free Speech. Granted, the Speech under attack here has nothing to do with supporting our enemies and bringing about the destruction of all that America stands for so we can see why they’re hesitant, but it would be nice is the Fifth Column Fourth Estate could, for once, go to bat for the home team. - Emperor Darth Misha I


Spotprenten van Mohammed met o.a. een bom op zijn hoofd worden door (extreme) moslims beantwoord met een bommelding op de redactie van de betrokken krant. Wie zegt dat moslims geen humor hebben? - Marc Denys

The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

... a new, devastating form of asymmetric warfare in which Western citizens can engage. - Meme chose

Slow day.

[A]ny assurances given to Moderate Muslims that they will in no way be held accountable for the behaviour of their naughty coreligionists must by necessity be accompanied by a 100% credible "assurance" that Muslim Ascendancy will never be attained. For obvious reasons, the actual phraseology of this "assurance" must be left as an exercise to the reader. - Dog of Flanders

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