"In The Garden of Eden"

1) Buy CD with buggy DRM.

2) File suit.

3) Profit!

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"French wreckers of all progress "

France's farmers are the parasites of the European Union, subsidy-hungry leeches who do little more than destroy taxpayer value while ruining the livelihoods of millions of poor farmers throughout the rest of the world, yet instead of the British government demanding that they wean themselves off the EU teat, it is the French who have the temerity to insist that Britain and the rest of Europe continue to subsidize this wealthy coterie of rent-seeking layabouts. - Abiola Lapite

"more dirt, less ... stupidity"

Multiculturalism, however, has all too often become mere cultural relativism, a much less defensible proposition, under cover of which much that is reactionary and oppressive — of women, for example — can be justified. - Salman Rushdie

"De Ergste Belg"

Laenen, die de aantijgingen afdoet als grove leugens, toont zich na de uitspraak niet alleen een berouwloze pervert, maar ook een immorele lafbek. Op zijn door fictieve briefwisseling gedomineerde Skynetblog haalt hij ongemeen scherp uit naar de mensen die hem voor de rechter sleepten. - Kristof

ever moving goalposts

Some pundits will now qualify their past analysis to say that predictions America would be defeated in Iraq did not really mean a military defeat like Vietnam, when NVA tanks rammed down the presidential palace gates in Saigon, but a more subtle political defeat, still certain, yet to come. One of the nice things about discussing post-modern warfare is that definitions of defeat and victory have become so elastic that the one may be impersonated by the other. Yet historical revisionism cannot amend the fact that once doubt has entered into the church of defeat there is no return to perfect faith. Honest men of the Left must recognize that the US might actually have already won the military battle, a horror in itself; and even worse, might actually win the political fight ahead. - Wretchard

Shiny Happy People

Stanley “Tookie” Williams made some mistakes in his youth, sure. Who hasn’t? Who amongst us can claim that they’ve never shot a man twice in the back for 120 bucks and laughed about it, even in a metaphorical sense? We all have blood on our hands, and none of us are innocent in this world. Not even the so-called Christians, who preach about casting stones and forgiveness, but are the first to cry “fry him!” whenever a fuzzy ol’ teddy bear brutally murders an entire family. - Liberal Larry

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in short

Telephone operator explains principle of "separation of powers" to idiot minister.

Is it ok to be islamophobe now?

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