"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger"

As they say around these parts, if you stick out your neck...

Here's Steven, resorting to namecalling: theorizing anti-European misanthrope and a intellectual rightwing loner. Mike V has nothing to add to that. Well, actually he has to add some ad-hominems in the direction of Denis Prager, but hey, first stone and all.

LVB gets some heat for, granted, making a non-quantifiable statement to the effect that anti-Americanism is less endemic among the younger generation. There might be anecdotal evidence for that, but in the end, if you disagree with that statement you either say "that's BS", or you just add a "in his opinion" to that.

Just as it happens, there will be an anti-American "function" today in Brussels at the US embassy. The weather is decent, it's a friday afternoon, so no reason why people should be prevented, and we might get an idea about the amount of anti-americanism amongst the kiddies.

UPDATE:: nog een West-Vlaming, en Kerygma: LVB heeft voeling met het jonge volk.

UPDATE: "about a hundred" protesters were (self-)reported at the anti-American protest. Sadly, (tellingly?) no wide-shots are available, this is the picture with the most people on it. I'll go out on a limb here and say that there are several old codgers making up that "about a hundred".

Image: (c) Han Soete / indymedia.be

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Mr Noels' subjective listening experience Some comments on the statements of Mr Noels:

1) I always hear from the left side: "We are not anti-American, we are just anti-Bush!". And now Mr Noels is furious because I said on the radio that young people in Belgium are not that anti-American as generally thought. I never said they were pro-Bush, did I? And a female caller in the broadcast confirmed my statement on this matter.

2) Mr Noels feels that I "misrepresented" him. Did I say I "represented" anyone but myself? Did Mr Noels hear my "I think that...", "I believe that", or did he hear "I am bringing you this message from the people in Belgium"? I am not the Belgian ambassador to the US, and I never claimed on the radio that I spoke for all of Belgium.

3) Mr Noels tells me that "some people out here have actual pride in their little country and its little history". Did I say I am not proud of Belgium and its history? OK, I criticized corporatism in Belgium. So did our current prime minister seven years ago in his book "The Belgian Disease". Does that make me, or Verhofstadt, a bad Belgian? Mr Noels probably thinks that every right-of-center Dutch-speaking Belgian must be a Flemish nationalist, hence a separatist.

4) Mr Noels' ad hominem attack ("misanthrope", that's a good one!) has already been added to my cherished list at http://lvb.net/item/796

5) "Blatant act of self-promotion", "little golden moment of opportunity"... Geezzz. I guess when Mr Prager called me for an interview, I should have replied with "No! don't interview me, I don't deserve it. Go interview Mr Noels!".

6) "... make them sound bigger than they actually are". Again, this must be some subjective perception in the head of Mr Noels, as I never represented anyone but myself. I didn't say I was a sociologist with a profound insight in Belgian society, did I? I literally said I was a hobbying blogger.

7) ... speak for "most Belgians", quotes by Mr Noels: again, exactly when did I say that?

Namecalling and ad hominem attacks from the left... but of course, it's us right-wingers who are "intolerant", "against inclusion", "demagogues" etc.

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