Quotomatic at Heart

born of ignorance or malice

The better question than "Why was Secretary Rice shopping?" is "Wouldn't we have been better off if Governor Blanco had been?" - Hugh Hewitt

a Series of Unfortunate Events

There will be those who may take the view that these incidents are unavoidable bumps on the road to the eventual liberation of Arabs from the Israeli yoke, a road signposted by the UN-funded banners which read "Gaza Today. The West Bank and Jerusalem Tomorrow". The question of course, is what if they are not regrettable incidents, but events which characterize the new regime in Gaza? Many of those who rejoiced at Ernst Rohm's demise in the Night of the Long Knives comforted themselves by believing it was a case of one set of hoodlums rubbing out the other. It was true; but it was also irrelevant. - Wretchard on the murder of Moussa Arafat

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