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calling the bluff of Western governments

The United States doesn’t exist because the colonists “deserved” a state, but because they went out and fought for one. The same with the Irish Republic. By contrast the world deemed Palestinians “deserving” of a state ten, three, six, eight decades ago, and they’ve absolutely no interest in getting it up and running. Any honest visitor to the Palestinian Authority is struck by the complete absence of any enthusiasm for nation-building – compared with comparable pre-independence trips to, say, Slovenia, Slovakia, or East Timor. Invited to choose between nation-building or Jew-killing, the Palestinians prioritise Jew-killing – every time. - Mark Steyn

War on Science and Reason

The sciences, and particularly the biological sciences, are facing well-funded onslaughts from both the right and the left, with one side seeking to sneak religious superstition back into the classroom in the name of a non-existent "controversy", and the other (motivated by an ersatz religion it equates with environmentalism) attempting to bring all biotechnological research to a halt in the name of a "precautionary principle" which demands the impossible, i.e., that scientists prove there are no risks whatsoever involved in the new techniques they're working with - Abiola Lapite

Supply, demand, and economic injustice

One endlessly repeated argument in favor of socialized medicine is that the quality of care should not be determined by the amount of money one has. While I sympathize with this argument in principle, my practical experience with socialized healthcare (in Belgium and Israel) is that in practice "connections" take the place of money as the "discriminating" factor. I've seen this numerous times up close, and heard countless stories. People telling me loved ones faced 6--9 month waits for major treatments to loved ones (after which it might well be too late), and how they pulled strings and had the procedure done within 1--2 weeks. - Former B.

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Shadow of the Quotomatic

not killer cops but an alert citizenry

[W]e turn to Jean Charles de Menezes, the supposed "suicide bomber" who turned out to be a Brazilian electrician on his way to work. Unfortunately, by the time the Metropolitan Police figured that out, they'd put five bullets in his head. We're told we shouldn't second-guess split-second decisions that have to be made under great stress by those on the scene, which would be a more persuasive argument if the British constabulary didn't spend so much time doing exactly that to homeowners who make the mistake of defending themselves against violent criminals. - Mark Steyn

A shortage of money, volunteers and/or competence...

Wegens onderhoudswerkzaamheden is onze site tijdelijk niet toegankelijk.
Gelieve ons hiervoor te verontschuldigen.
- The publicly funded kifkif.be entering its, what, 4th week of outage?

the forgotten Battle of Manila

The 100,000 civilians who died in the largest urban battle of the Pacific War -- more than at Hiroshima -- are not remembered in beautiful candles floating down darkened rivers or in flights of doves soaring into the blue sky; there is no anti-American significance to their deaths. - Wretchard

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Good riddance...

Once again, the dof sympathy-meter reads a big fat zero. I don't even care what color they are, or what religion, but this is a good thing. Better them than innocent bystanders:

A 17-year old boy was killed in an explosion in an apartment building in Oslo's northeast ward of Grorud Wednesday evening.

His 19-year old brother was seriously injured, in what was apparently was an attempt at making explosives.

The police say they found instructions in the apartment on how to make explosives, downloaded from the Internet.


Aftenposten claims that the blowees are Norwegians of Syrian descent, and the police are looking for (or holding, my norwegian is a bit rusty) a 20 year old Pakistani. Call me suspicious, but I guess there might be a bit more going on here than just a failed science experiment.


now they're just "petty" thieves:

Police said at a Thursday press conference that the three men present when their homemade bomb detonated were preparing a crime scheme from a recipe downloaded from the Internet.

The explosion killed a 17-year-old boy of Syrian origin. He and his 19-year-old brother were awaiting trial on a number of charges of crime for profit, including emptying slot machines.

A 20-year-old friend of the brothers has been charged with illegal handling of explosives and was being questioned on Thursday afternoon. This person is of Pakistani origin, police said.

"I will not say if these three have blown up other ticket machines but explosives have been used to this end in this part of the city a few days ago," said police inspector Terje Kristiansen of Oslo police.

I must be getting old: Before we had the internet, us old geezers had to mailorder our explosives recipes from loompanics, but now, that titled is also carried by... project gutenberg.

image courtesy of HIH Misha I.

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Hello again

I almost forgot:

Not just the surf, but the FNH Usa website is also up (partly), albeit with the sad message that the Browning HP is no longer produced in 9mm (Not that there's something wrong with .40 S&W i hasten to add).

And the minimalist textile vendor has a new collection, but sadly not yet the corresponding new wallpapers.

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"Now the rainbow is gone"

It is said that good things come to those who wait. That is, unless you are a minor UN official who waited too long before retiring to a non-extraditing country:

A former U.N. procurement officer apparently has been arrested in connection with allegations he solicited bribes from companies seeking oil-for-food contracts, an aide to Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Monday.

U.N. officials lifted Alexander Yakovlev's diplomatic immunity at the request of a U.S. prosecutor in New York, and "we believe Mr. Yakovlev is already in custody," Mark Malloch Brown, Annan's chief of staff, told reporters.

And as for Sevan:

The committee concluded the money was funneled to Sevan through an oil-for-food contractor, African Middle East Petroleum.

One of the company's partners, Fred Nadler, made a series of cash withdrawals during the period in question from a Swiss bank account, and there was "a high degree of correlation" between those withdrawals and deposits of $100 bills made days later in accounts held by Sevan and his wife in New York, the report concluded.

The withdrawals were made in amounts of less than $10,000 -- meaning the transactions would not have to be reported to authorities.

The committee found Sevan's explanation for the deposits -- that he received the money from his late aunt -- "not credible."

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Quotomatic revisited


Those who argue that America is being defeated in Iraq because it cannot prevent a civil war are making the saddest of arguments: 'the Arabs have won because America cannot keep them from killing each other'. Shorn of his posturing, it is Galloway himself who assumes that "Muslims have some kind of sickness in their bodies, which must be cured"; he speaks not as one man to another, but as a snake-oil salesman to his mark.

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"How did it come to this bitter end?"

LGF has a sad tale of religious intolerance.

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