Shadow of the Quotomatic

not killer cops but an alert citizenry

[W]e turn to Jean Charles de Menezes, the supposed "suicide bomber" who turned out to be a Brazilian electrician on his way to work. Unfortunately, by the time the Metropolitan Police figured that out, they'd put five bullets in his head. We're told we shouldn't second-guess split-second decisions that have to be made under great stress by those on the scene, which would be a more persuasive argument if the British constabulary didn't spend so much time doing exactly that to homeowners who make the mistake of defending themselves against violent criminals. - Mark Steyn

A shortage of money, volunteers and/or competence...

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the forgotten Battle of Manila

The 100,000 civilians who died in the largest urban battle of the Pacific War -- more than at Hiroshima -- are not remembered in beautiful candles floating down darkened rivers or in flights of doves soaring into the blue sky; there is no anti-American significance to their deaths. - Wretchard

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Manila I'm glad you brought the Manila massacre up. WWII has been much bloodier in the Pacific than in Europe. With the Japanese more cruel than theGermans. Nuke them! (oh yes they actually have been nuked, but they picked the wrong targets - it should have been Tokyo instead of Hiroshima)

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