Good riddance...

Once again, the dof sympathy-meter reads a big fat zero. I don't even care what color they are, or what religion, but this is a good thing. Better them than innocent bystanders:

A 17-year old boy was killed in an explosion in an apartment building in Oslo's northeast ward of Grorud Wednesday evening.

His 19-year old brother was seriously injured, in what was apparently was an attempt at making explosives.

The police say they found instructions in the apartment on how to make explosives, downloaded from the Internet.


Aftenposten claims that the blowees are Norwegians of Syrian descent, and the police are looking for (or holding, my norwegian is a bit rusty) a 20 year old Pakistani. Call me suspicious, but I guess there might be a bit more going on here than just a failed science experiment.


now they're just "petty" thieves:

Police said at a Thursday press conference that the three men present when their homemade bomb detonated were preparing a crime scheme from a recipe downloaded from the Internet.

The explosion killed a 17-year-old boy of Syrian origin. He and his 19-year-old brother were awaiting trial on a number of charges of crime for profit, including emptying slot machines.

A 20-year-old friend of the brothers has been charged with illegal handling of explosives and was being questioned on Thursday afternoon. This person is of Pakistani origin, police said.

"I will not say if these three have blown up other ticket machines but explosives have been used to this end in this part of the city a few days ago," said police inspector Terje Kristiansen of Oslo police.

I must be getting old: Before we had the internet, us old geezers had to mailorder our explosives recipes from loompanics, but now, that titled is also carried by... project gutenberg.

image courtesy of HIH Misha I.

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tsk tsk Bah dof, you are such a mean character. Thes youngsters just tried to duplicate Outlaw's famous KMNO4/H2SO4/C6H12O6 experiment.

Poor lads. Probably added too much sugar. they should have called me first.

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 18-08-05

could be both Criminals. Terrorists. These are not exclusive categories. In fact, they seem to go together more often than not.

Gepost door: CJ | 19-08-05

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