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Dear Dof Your permalinks to older articles are all broken, your RSS feed is gone, the RSS feeds in your sidebar are gone, there is no link to your archives anymore...

Any chance of you moving to a real blogging platform anytime soon?


Gepost door: Anonymous Gnome | 15-07-05

klote daar is die vervelende blogspotkabouter weer!

What part of anonymous don't you understand, you stupid gnome?

Gepost door: dof | 15-07-05

Blogspot? Wie spreekt er hier van blogspot? Er zijn nog zoveel andere blogplatformen. En Skynetblogs is er geen van... helaas!

Gepost door: Anonymous Gnome | 15-07-05

tadah! The archive links "work" now, except they point to the wrong articles...

Gepost door: dof | 16-07-05

Heh... That must be the 'skynet' definition of a working link then ;-)

And Mr. Devroey promised you'll get your RSS feed back next week too... how very nice of him ;-)

Gepost door: Anonymous Gnome | 16-07-05

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