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"unsupported articles of faith"

The European Charter ratification campaign, like Saddam's impregnable defenses and the Soviet Union in 1989 collapsed overnight not because of some of some secret weapon but simply because these supposedly powerful things were really houses of cards given the impression of solidity by their publicists. They were dreams made out of Newspeak -- durable until the first light wind blew them over. - Wretchard

"a big "fuck off" to Chirac"

One has to admire the sheer effrontery of the French on this issue; that a nation with 110 percent of the EU's per capita GDP should be sucking up 25% of its budget to subsidize perhaps 5% of its own population seems perfectly consonant with "community logic" and "EU solidarity" in French eyes, even as British taxpayers are forced to pay out 2.5 times as much as their French counterparts to ensure that this wasteful system shafts the farmers of the developing world and the poorest Europeans; this is precisely the kind of "solidarity" the world can do without. - Abiola

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