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"ridiculous rigmarole "

It should be of not an iota more importance that a Koran was urinated on than it would have been if it were a Bible, the Perl Cookbook, Misner, Wheeler and Thorne's "Gravitation" or the latest copy of GQ: at most I'm willing to grant a distinction based solely on resale value - under which pissing on "Gravitation" would be by far the worst offense. - Abiola

2500 euri verdienen?

In the aftermath of economic and moral collapse, the city of Amsterdam has become a cesspool of crime and anarchy, forcing the underfunded police to fall under the stewardship of corporate juggernaut OCP. In his first day patrolling Amsterdam-West, Officer Alex De Vries is killed by feared gang leader Mohammed B. OCP scientists are able to use De Vries' remains to build a cybernetic soldier codenamed Robopliesie. - pieterjan

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Desecration You forget that one item of the Holy Qu'ran was "stepped" on too. There was no peeing on the Holy Qu'ran, according to CNN, but some droplets of urine accidently fell on the Book when blowed away by a ventilator. Giving a new meaning to "shit hits the fan".

More than 200,000 people die by a Tsunami, but a Qu'ran that alledgedly was flushed (I can't even flush a small notebook thru a toilet pot) and somebody that "stepped" on the Holy Qu'ran is keeping the media minds busy. Object-fetishism of the worst kind. What's the difference between a paper copy and a screenshot? Will I desecrate the Holy Qu'ran if I spill some cola on my flatscreen that contains some Holy Qu'ran pages?

I thought I'd seen it all, but this crap beats it.

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