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"Unfortunately the Dutch taxpayer is refusing to pick up the tab"

If MSF loses this case, and I hope they do, it will force them to manage the risk of their staff members. Paying ransom to kidnappers, especially terrorists,is a catastrophe not only for the victim, but for the societies which MSF claims to help. The ransom money is typically used by kidnappers to buy more weapons and paraphernalia that will in turn be used to harm still more people in the areas MSF wants to succor. Unless organizations like MSF can be made to bear a share of this cost, they will undervalue the risk they impose on themselves and others. If they had to pony up $300,000 a year to insure their staff in places like former Soviet Central Asia or the Middle East, MSF would think long and hard before making deployments without taking precautions. It would force them to use more indigenous staff, to employ "volunteers" trained in counter-surveillance, to take professional security advice and to avoid areas which are too dangerous for anyone to operate it. Unfortunately these steps would also diminish its fundraising appeal, a fact of which it is well aware. - Wretchard

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Interesting reading ... Thanks for the link. I remember reading about several high profile kidnappings and murders in the area. I had not remembered the MSF case specifically....

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