Battlestar Galactica 2004 Drinking Game

The old one was a bit outdated, so here:

1 drink whenever

Cmdr. Adama looks unhappy.
Col. Tigh is drunk.
Col. Tigh is abusive.
Col. Tigh has a drink.
P.O. Dualla relays a communication.
"Starbuck" is smoking a cigar.
"Starbuck" is gambling.
"Starbuck" wins at gambling.
"Starbuck"'s Viper takes damage.
Dr. Baltar has an erotic fantasy.
one of Dr. Baltar's erotic fantasies is interrupted.
C.P.O Tyrol scratches his head.
"Apollo" disobeys an order.
a Cylon is referred to as a 'Toaster'.
Dr. Cottle is smoking a cigarette.
"Boomer" is angry/unhappy/depressed/suicidal.
there's a shortage of food/water/tylium/labour/pilots/whatever.
someone says "Frack" or "Fracking".

2 drinks whenever

Cmdr. Adama smiles.
Col. Tigh smiles.
"Starbuck"'s Viper is shot down.
"Starbuck" disobeys an order.
a nr.6 is killed/deactivated.
Dr. Baltar has sex with a human.
Any scene on occupied Caprica.

3 drinks whenever

a new type of Cylon is revealed.
nr. 6 appears without showing cleavage.

5 drinks whenever

a basestar baseship is destroyed.
Cmdr. Adama turns out to be a Cylon.
President Roslin turns out to be a Cylon.

1 bottle whenever

"Galactica" reaches earth.

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1 bottle of what? Geneva?

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