"Revenge Of The Sith" sucks Monkey *ss

Contains major spoilers. Well, actually, if you have half a brain, it contains NO spoilers but I can't rule out people who haven't seen the first (or should that now be the 2nd) trilogy passing by.

The Problem with RotS is that it is, strike that, ought to have been, for all practical purposes, more a Greek drama than an action movie. We all know how it's going to end: the jedis dead or in hiding, the twins placed with their respective foster-parents, some unfortunate droids getting their memory wiped, Anakin slightly the worse for wear, and the Emperor in control of most of the republic.

There's usually two ways to make this work: one is to focus on character evolution, but that requires good acting, good scripting and good direction, the other one is to rely on good storytelling, again requiring top-notch writers and editors.

Alas, we get none of this, only the usual cgi setpiece battle-scenes, who almost look designed to confuse us and to make us forget we already know the ending.

What SHOULD have been the most important story arc, Anakin's turning, is, well, it just isn't there. We don't know what's going on in Anakin's mind because there's not much dialogue, not even with his supposedly love of his life. Yeah, it's an illicit love and all that, but if he managed to knock her up, he should have managed a few conversations also.

Enough with the bitching. On the upside, we have some funny droid scenes, Ewan McGregor's makeup, the aforementioned setpieces (including the Obi-Wan/Anakin showdown) and a few Natalie Portman shots.

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revenge of the shit "and a few Natalie Portman shots."

I just hope she has her hair yet in the movie

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