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"Blame Where Blame is Due"

Things have come to a pretty pass when the opinionating classes and the US media engage in tiresome bouts of recrimination and self-flagellation over the excessively delicate sensibilities of religious lunatics who are clearly willing to riot at the drop of a hat over any trivial bullshit whatsoever* which happens to threaten their fragile sense of self-esteem: it certainly isn't an all-powerful Allah who needs defending by the likes of these mental cases. - Abiola


We kunnen in ons land voor communautaire problemen alleen maar een oplossing vinden wanneer die gedragen wordt door elk van de twee grote gemeenschappen. - Guy Verhofstadt

It would have been slightly more convincing if he had spelled succomb correctly...

The warning from Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith is simple. Priests in the Catholic church must remain celibate, or the church will sucomb to evil and face destruction. - Bill

"how the mighty have fallen"

Franco Molina once wrote a line for a Para general in the Battle of Algiers: 'Why is it that the Sartres are all born on the other side?" The Left could afford to speak down to its critics. But if Solina had waited a few decades more he would have seen them replaced by George Galloway, Michael Moore, Robert Fisk and Ward Churchill, who now await only the arrival of Bozo the Clown to become the Five Amigos. - Wretchard

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Quran I tried to flush a Quran down my toilet myself and I guarantee you that it is NOT possible!!! I even peed on it first to soften it up.

Now I find myself in deep shit.

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 19-05-05

wat gewonnen? Hebben de Franstaligen dan zoveel gewonnen? Binnen twee jaar krijgen ze een zesde staatshervorming op hun bord.

Gepost door: Pieter Cleppe | 19-05-05

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