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Lebanese authorities have captured two dogs that crossed the border from Israel, checking whether they were booby-trapped or carried electronic implants that could be used for spying, Lebanese security officials said Friday.

The two dogs, Shylo-type, "infiltrated" Lebanon on Thursday through an opening in the barbed wire fence that separates the Kfar Kila village in Southern Lebanon from the northern Israeli town of Metulla.


They were being kept at a local police station while authorities decide what to do with them.

Locals called for the dogs to be put down as a revenge against the Israeli violations of Lebanon's territory.

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Faxkrant Indien u 't Scheldt niet zou kennen stuur ik u gaarne enkele exemplaren.

Gepost door: Ber( Murrath | 16-04-05

Huh? Hoe stel je voor dat te doen? Eerst naar de paragnost gaan om mijn telefoonnummer te weten te komen?

Gepost door: dof | 17-04-05

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