Battlestar Galactica comparison

1978: Robot companion for "Boxey" (Noah Hathaway).
2004: Flesh and blood companion for "Dr Baltar" (James Callis).

Advantage: the 2004 series !!!

1978: Identical combat scenes in every episode.
2004: Cylons appear every 33 minutes.

A draw.

1978: A Commander commands a capital ship and has a Colonel as XO.
2004: A Commander commands a capital ship and has a Colonel as XO.

What frack*n ships do they give a captain in the Colonial Navy? A draw.

1978: "Starbuck" (Dirk Benedict) is cute.
2004: "Starbuck" (Katee Sackhoff) is cute.

A draw.

1978: "Cmdr Adama" (Lorne Greene) best known for his role in "Bonanza".
2004: "Cmdr Adama" (Edward James Olmos) best known for his roles in "Blade Runner" and "Miami Vice".

One has experience with cattle rustlers, the other with replicants, pimps and traffickers. If we had a spare Battlestar, Edward James Olmos would be our choice of commander hands-down. Seriously, how many cows have you seen in space?

Advantage: the 2004 series.

1978: A kickass theme that makes you want to kick some Cylon or Eastern Alliance butt.
2004: Morose and depressing theme that makes you want to report to the nearest Cylon for extermination.

Advantage: the 1978 series.

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Quotomatic IV: The search for Quotes

Well, we would invest in better weapons tech

Leave it to Heineken to come up with some real Dutch pragmatism: jump into the beer market for Muslims. A few years back they acquired Al Ahram Beverages Company in Egypt which brewed the non-alcoholic Fayrouz beer, approved by even the strictest of imams. Now they will roll out this brand in the Muslim world, starting this summer in Morocco. If you can't beat them, can't join them: make money off them. - Pieter Dorsman

Bert singles out Bible for criticism, does not mention Quran

Vandaag zijn er klaarblijkelijk nog altijd idioten die alles wat letterlijk neergeschreven staat uit de teksten van 2000 jaar geleden toch nog steeds blindelings geloven en zich ook keihard verzetten tegen hedendaagse interpretaties. - Bert Anciaux, permalink-deficient

..and no good deed unpunished.

These bloggers have an opportunity to make a stand for civil journalism, namely by not revealing their sources even if the court should order them to. Instead, I argue they should accept any punishment dished out and go to jail, just like any other journalist worth his salt would. - Arjan Dasselaar

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Quotomatic Down

of what?

Practical and technological requirements for huge sanitation projects on a metropolis-wide scale require the resources of big enterprises to implement them, the private sector can not only provide the capability but also the capital required. 2 billion people thirst for clean water, Western antiglobalisation NGOs who arrogantly put their ideological interest ahead of the interests of the developing world are full of **it, and if they succeed in their campaign the fast growing cities of the developing world will be as well. - Paul Staines

"know who you are really serving"

De Pvda heeft in de verkiezingen van 2OO3 geleerd dat de migrantengemeenschap, de vredesbeweging en de andersglobalisatiebeweging geen nieuwe leden of stemmen oplevert en is ze teruggekeerd naar haar kerndoelgroep: den arbeider. http://www.indymedia.be zal nu drie jaar lang zoveel mogelijk arbeiders (en het liefst geëngageerde vakbondsmensen) naar de website lokken om met de volgende federale (want Pvda/Ptb is een Bélgische Partij!) verkiezingen de Partij van de Arbeid te laten vissen naar leden en kiezers in het leespubliek van de website. Het lokken van IMC België naar lezers uit de arbeidersbeweging (de doelgroep van de Pvda) is vollop bezig. - Zweistein the first

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"We Go Together"

150.000 Euro of taxpayer money and what do you get: another fuck*ng Stalinist Indymedia clone, GetBasic. BTW, the operating pondscum has a history of leeching your taxpayer or lottery money:

Bruno De Bondt

Greet Brauwers

Paul Vanlerberghe

UPDATE: it looks like some articles concerning Paul Vanlerberghe have been purged from the PVDA/PTB site.

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From the Lebanon, ctd.

We have calls for the return of Aoun and amnesty for (or relaese of, depending on your viewpoint) Samir Geagea in this AP piece in the Seattle PI. (No calls yet for the return of Dyab Abou Jahjah, at least from the Lebanese themselves.)

An AFP article in the Daily Star tries to estimate the amount of money the Syrians are funneling out of Lebanon.

Also in the Daily Star, this opinion piece by Massoud A. Derhally.

Freedom in the Middle East has been assailed on several fronts. The Arab world isn't merely fragile politically, but also economically and socially. Economic growth in the region has stagnated since the 1980s. Why is that? Because despite the presence of oil, the region has been unable to tap adequately into the integrated world economy or attract foreign direct investment. These are the conclusions of the Arab human development reports published by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and of reports published by the World Economic Forum.

They show that poverty, gender inequality, extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, increasing unemployment, a deficiency in human rights, religious extremism, lack of innovation and the implementation of education curricula that encourage nothing but rote learning is what the Arab world is all about today.

These documents, which should have galvanized Arab governments to do more to empower their people, have, instead, largely been ignored. There is still no conscious drive in the region toward pluralism or establishing full-fledged democratic systems, where people can credibly participate in governing themselves. Yes, Arab governments have implemented bits and pieces of reform of late, but this has been cosmetic and used to deflect criticism and avoid dealing with the real issues. Bush is right when he speaks about the need for Arab leaders to address fundamental deficiencies in their countries.

This month, the UNDP is expected to release its third report on the Arab world, in which it addresses the pervasive lack of good governance throughout the region. The dynamics on the ground are changing, but the impotence that has pervaded the region for so long and continues to hold development hostage can no longer be attributed to U.S. hegemony or to Israel. Arab societies are in an evolving tug of war. That's why what is happening in Lebanon is historic by all proportions. America is right to encourage the emergence of a strong, democratic, free and independent Lebanon. But it should leave it to the Lebanese people, who have thus far exhibited more courage than any of their Arab brethren, to decide their own future.

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"Don't take away the music"


In my own opinion Kofi Annan's proposals are a recipe for disaster for two reasons. His entire security model is philosophically founded on a kind of blackmail which recognizes that the only thing dysfunctional states have to export is trouble. He then sets up the United Nations as a gendarmarie with 'a human face' delivering payoffs to quell disturbances. This is the "bargain whereby rich countries help the poor to develop, by promoting the Millennium Development Goals, while poor countries help alleviate rich countries' security concerns." Second, his model flies in the face of the recent experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and the entire democratizing upheaval in the Middle East. It is by making countries functional that terrorism is quelled and not by any regime of international aid, inspections, nonproliferation treaties, declarations, protocols, conferences; nor by appointing special rapptorteurs, plenipotentiary envoys; nor constituting councils, consultative bodies or anything else in Annan's threadbare cupboard.

Nor is this clanking monstrosity particularly efficient, even in contemplation. Neither new Security Council model solves the basic question: how can it compel nations with the muscle to act against their interests? Alliances, like political parties, are the building blocks of global politics. Forcing alliances to work within the artificial structure of the United Nations Security Council (A or B) adds nothing to the process. The sole value of the Security Council should be to rubber-stamp what global politics has already decided upon, as constitutional monarchs do in countries with Parliaments.

It was a dictum in Field Marshal Zhukov's Army that a good commander never reinforced failure only success. It is a maxim of the United Nations that progress is achieved by doing everything that never worked all over again. Probably nowhere is the bankruptcy of Annan's vision (and I use that word consciously) more evident than in Paragraph 29, where he lays out the UN vision for a better world. It is a laundry list of all the special interest 'development' goals the UN has acquired over the years where problems of different orders of magnitude and positions in the chain of causality are jumbled together; a bureaucrat's dream and a human being's nightmare.

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The House of Quotomatic

Frank Reads the Bible

Now, Lot's daughters figure that Lot can’t keep his lineage going since his wife is salt... and you can't get it on with salt. Or, if you could, it would probably be painful, and you'd end up with salt babies. So Lot's daughters get him plenty drunk and get it on with him. Man, he better have been really really drunk and not just faking it. - Frank J.

Bart Brinckmans beuzelpraat

Hoezo, de interesse bij allochtonen voor het Belang is erg groot? Zouden dat racistische allochtonen zijn, of fascistische? Allochtonen die last hebben van hyperintegratie en nu in korte broek aan vendelzwaaierij doen en naar Slisse en César gaan kijken? Of zijn dat allochtonen die geplaagd worden door een «subjectief onveiligheidsgevoel» omdat ze zo vaak lastiggevallen worden door, tja, door wat? Misschien hebben die allochtonen wel lak aan solidariteit met de Walen in de Sociale Zekerheid en kan hen het koningshuis gestolen worden? - Hoegin

"There's no other way"

Will Jordan crack down? The Jordanian government is no friend of Al Qaeda. What the Iraqi pressure does, however, is put pressure on Jordanian imams and Al Qaeda sympathizers. “Hey, it’s not New York you attacked, it’s Hilla.” A free, stable Iraq will ignite an economic boom in Jordan, and the Jordanian business community knows this. The last thing the Jordanian government and business establishmentwant to do is anger and alienate the Iraqi electorate. (Yes, electorate– no longer simple “the Iraqi people,” but the Iraqi electorate.) - Austin Bay

"Trouwens, de sticker is een idee die wij van de Amerikanen zelf hebben"

het is niet omdat Bush herverkozen is dat hij een betere president is geworden. Net nu moeten we hem van zijn asociale politiek houden. Hij voelt zich nu koning te rijk en met al die jaknikkende vazallen wordt het hem niet eens moeilijk gemaakt. Ik wil het niet op mijn geweten hebben dat vrouwen in hun vrijheid beperkt worden, dat pensioenstelsels in privé-handen komen, dat het milieu wordt kapot gemaakt enz. - Laurent Winnock

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