Battlestar Galactica comparison

1978: Robot companion for "Boxey" (Noah Hathaway).
2004: Flesh and blood companion for "Dr Baltar" (James Callis).

Advantage: the 2004 series !!!

1978: Identical combat scenes in every episode.
2004: Cylons appear every 33 minutes.

A draw.

1978: A Commander commands a capital ship and has a Colonel as XO.
2004: A Commander commands a capital ship and has a Colonel as XO.

What frack*n ships do they give a captain in the Colonial Navy? A draw.

1978: "Starbuck" (Dirk Benedict) is cute.
2004: "Starbuck" (Katee Sackhoff) is cute.

A draw.

1978: "Cmdr Adama" (Lorne Greene) best known for his role in "Bonanza".
2004: "Cmdr Adama" (Edward James Olmos) best known for his roles in "Blade Runner" and "Miami Vice".

One has experience with cattle rustlers, the other with replicants, pimps and traffickers. If we had a spare Battlestar, Edward James Olmos would be our choice of commander hands-down. Seriously, how many cows have you seen in space?

Advantage: the 2004 series.

1978: A kickass theme that makes you want to kick some Cylon or Eastern Alliance butt.
2004: Morose and depressing theme that makes you want to report to the nearest Cylon for extermination.

Advantage: the 1978 series.

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comparison The Belgian chick's cleavage is better.

And WTF is a cylon?

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 28-03-05

And they say it's the Americans who don't know their Geography A cylon is an evil robot from Sri Lanka....

or something like that ....

Gepost door: Adriane | 29-03-05

kids these days... Uhm. How old are you, MC?

In your defense, the '78 series doesn't age that well. Actually, it was mostly crap from the beginning. Except maybe the special christmas episode, that was hilarious.

Gepost door: dof | 29-03-05

1978 rules I'm sorry to say I don't agree with your comparison results.

The 1978 Galactica is still unsurpassed and can even now stand the test of time. It is a pity there were no more instalments of the show as it could have turned into a legendary series.
The 80s edition on the other hand sucked (except for the one episode with Starbuck).

Incidentally, I happened to meet Dirk Benedict personally last October and was thrilled to meet one of the main characters of my all time favourite series.

I'm pretty sure no Galactica show can top the original series.
Galactica 2004 simply cannot be as good as Galactica 1978 as the latter

Gepost door: Herman | 29-03-05

1999 rules Huh? I am 39, but I look 10 years younger.

I can't remember I ever watched BG for longer than one minute. I thought it was mostly crap. My recollection of late seventies and eighties youth series is rather blurred, and I even didn't know there was a 78 edition too (which means the "crap" I refer to were the eighties installments).

I remember the seventies Star Trek series quite well though. Now while I'd call BG crap, I'd call Star Trek camp. Which means to me that, even as it was nonsense, it has earned its place in TV history, something BG imho does not.

My champion of SF series from that era is the british series Space 1999. It sounded and looked more mature and plausible. Also, the spacecraft had that extra touch of reality and somehow reminded me of the spacecraft in Kubrick's 2001. Wouldn't surprise me if the same modellers were involved.

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 29-03-05

"the return of starbuck" Herman: Well, what i call "the special christmas episode" IS the last episode of the 1980 series with Dirk Benedict. It's pure genius.

MC: 1978 and 1980 were the US release dates, '78 are the "normal" BG episodes, the '80 stuff is where Galactica reaches Earth.

Gepost door: dof | 29-03-05

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