Quotomatic vs. Godzilla

"The Never Ending Story Changes ... Again"

Giuliana Sgrena has changed her story yet again, proving if nothing else that the Il Manifesto reporter understands the news cycle. - Captain Ed

Sex, Toolbars & Algorithms

[D]e Vlaamse blogosfeer is op internationaal vlak een groepje minder bedeelde kringrukkers - Steven Noels

"Belgium celebrates with a feeling the party's over"

To outsiders, 175 might seem an odd anniversary. Not to Belgians. As the country's French and Dutch speaking regions feud, many Belgians fear that their country will not exist in a few decades. Belgium might not be around for its 200th birthday. - David Rennie

"I had in mind something a little more radical."

Ik denk niet dat de Walen veel kunnen bereiken met hun alarmbelprocedure mochten de Vlaamse partijen een dezer 5 minuten moed opbrengen om die splitsing te stemmen. De alarmbel zal eens rinkelen, Guy het Genie zal daarop het vliegtuig naar Toscane nemen en we eindigen enkele weken later met een Rooms-rood kabinet. - Eric Jans

"Work at Dell, go to Hell..."

In a decision that a company spokesman called “totally awesome,” Dell Computer yesterday fired 30 Muslim workers for leaving their posts to pray at sunset. “That move was most excellent for the shareholders,” said the Dell guy. “It’s so bogus to pay dudes for watching the sun go down when they’re supposed to be making computers.” - The Raving Atheist

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@Rennie [The youngsters, from French-speaking Liege, said they had few Flemish friends. "Their mentality is different. They're less open, and they work harder than us. We like the good life," said one.]

Sure, as long as your good life is subsidized by the boring workers:

Gepost door: VH | 13-03-05

@Giuliana Sgrena Sure, and the Americans changed their story too. "They didn't even know that Giuliana Sgrena was in the car". How convincing. They probably just shoot at anything that drives to an airplane. If they had known Giuliana Sgrena was in the car, their marksmen wouldn't have had their lunchbreak by accident ;-)

Gepost door: VH | 13-03-05

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