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Making fun of the AEL strategic forecasting unit dude is like shooting fish in a barrel: you always gonna need more barrels. Now, if he went by the name AEL unverified rumours unit, I wouldn't have to hand him his ass every time he opened his mouth.

It seems that the killed person in the Tripoli clashes was a supporter of the resigned Prime Minister Omar Karame that was killed by opposition fire and not the other way round.

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They forgot the AEL... Lebanese parties meeting calls for constructive dialogue

TYRE, March. 3 (SANA)
Lebanese parties meeting on Thursday underlined keenness on the constructive dialogue among all Lebanese ranks and standing by Syria.

Participants at the meeting stressed the necessity to preserve Lebanon’s national unity in the face of attempts to damage this unity.

Representatives of Hizbollah, Amal Movement, the Baath Arab Socialist Party, al-Kataeeb party, Syrian National party as well the Naseritte organization attended the meeting.

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Mass demonstration in Lebanon ???? The AEL Strategic Forecasting Unit is proably one of the best of his kinds in the world:(picture: pro syrian demonstration in Zgharta)
The speech of Syrian president Bachar al Assad yesterday made many things clear, the reading of Syria of the situation in the region is pessimistic but at the same time Syria is acting with a lot of composure as to the pressure that is being exercised against it.

A search on google shows that only the AEL Strategic Forecasting Unit is aware of this demostration...

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