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"the insufferableness of my saying I told you so"

Four-time Egyptian election winner - and with 90 per cent of the vote! - President Mubarak announced that next polling day he wouldn't mind an opponent. Ordering his stenographer to change the constitution to permit the first multi-choice presidential elections in Egyptian history, His Excellency said the country would benefit from "more freedom and democracy". The state-run TV network hailed the president's speech as a "historical decision in the nation's 7,000-year-old march toward democracy". After 7,000 years on the march, they're barely out of the parking lot, so Mubarak's move is, as they say, a step in the right direction. - Mark Steyn

"een ordinair propagandakrantje voor de Belgische staat"

het zijn niet de Vlamingen die de val van de federale regering eisen, integendeel, zij doen er zelfs alles aan om die overeind te houden. Het zijn inderdaad de Franstaligen die ermee dreigen de regering ten val te brengen als de Vlamingen hun (grondwettelijk) recht niet laten varen. - Hoegin

"the receiving end of a baker's dozen of ever more strongly worded resolutions"

Of course, Syria will surrender, but we somehow doubt that it'll be because Kofi Kook decided to point his crooked finger in their direction and say "boo". - Emperor Misha I

Bed Bath and Beyond

... after the invasion, GAP employees DID find several hundred-thousand dead former-Banana Republic employees buried in the stock room, evidently killed by the Banana Republic management. - Jeff Goldstein

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