Bride of Quotomatic

"armed with an 11th grade education"

Mike S. Adams’ February 28 speech at the University of Wisconsin School of Law (Room 3250) will be open to the public. The speech will begin at 7 p.m. Offended feminists will begin protesting at 7:01 - Mike S. Adams

"should've armed himself"

You better not cut up nor otherwise harm no whores, or I'll come back and kill every one of you sons of bitches. - William Munny

Syria Reduces 'Boots on Ground' in Lebanon

"Starting today, our troops stationed in Lebanon will never have more than one boot on the ground at a time," said Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem. "This will be an inconvenience to our men, who must now hop rather than march, but it effectively reduces our Lebanese footprint by 50 percent." - Scrappleface

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"Ain't No Stopping Us Now"

"AEL strategic forecasting unit"? I mean, how pathetic can you get?

Clearly that's not the only thing being pulled out of the AEL-ass, we also have the selfstyled "assembly of Lebanese Democrats in Europe", which, not surprisingly is pro-Syria, against resolution 1559 and against disarming Hizballah. That one at least seems to have six members.

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Return of the quotomatic

"the other way round"

I had the opportunity to talk with former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing on a couple of occasions during his long labors as the self-declared and strictly single Founding Father. He called himself ''Europe's Jefferson,'' and I didn't like to quibble that, constitution-wise, Jefferson was Europe's Jefferson -- that's to say, at the time the U.S. Constitution was drawn up, Thomas Jefferson was living in France. Thus, for Giscard to be Europe's Jefferson, he'd have to be in Des Moines, where he'd be doing far less damage. - Mark Steyn

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Will Assad end up both the Tosser and the Tossed?

Danielle Pletka in the LA Times:

But now Assad is under the gun as never before. He is an object of American fury for his sponsorship of terror, his meddling in Iraq and the occupation of Lebanon. He is an object of French fury for his crude manipulation of last year's presidential elections in Lebanon, in which the presidency was stolen to reinstall a Syrian stooge.

The unusual confluence of French and American anger resulted in a forceful U.N. Security Council resolution in September demanding the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon and the liberation of the Lebanese body politic from Syrian interference.

Hariri's murder should solidify the world's will against Assad. Hariri was a pragmatist who worked with Syria in his two tours as prime minister. Last year, however, the Syrian manipulation of Lebanon's election forced an angry resignation. Since then, he had come to pose an intolerable challenge to Assad, beginning to unify the Lebanese across their many sectarian lines for the first time since the civil war. He may yet succeed: In the wake of his murder, Lebanese of all stripes have taken to the streets to protest Damascus' interference in their lives and government.

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Quotomatics of the third kind.

"La Belgique sera latine"

Lebanon will be Arab, democratic and social or should not be at all. - Dyab Abou Jahjah

"Could George W. Bush Be Right?"

But history has shown that it wasn't Reagan who was the dreamer as he voiced his demand. Rather, it was German politicians who were lacking in imagination -- a group who in 1987 couldn't imagine that there might be an alternative to a divided Germany. Those who spoke of reunification were labelled as nationalists and the entire German left was completely uninterested in a unified Germany. - Claus Christian Malzahn

"De grote uit-de-gratie-show"

ook de imams van de in opspraak geraakte gebedshuizen El Tawheed (Amsterdam) en As Soennah (Den Haag), Al Mouahidine (Helmond) en de Stichting voor Islamitische Jongeren (Breda) doen er goed aan geen winterkleding meer aan te schaffen... - Fleischbaum

"Cool stuff"

D'oh! There's an English version of LVB net. - Glenn Reynolds.

Better than the Real Thing:

For your information, most of my friends have already fled to Canada on the underground railroad. Now before you start digging holes behind your trailer looking for a choo-choo full of liberals: "Underground Railroad" is a figure of speech. It's not really a railroad and it's not underground. And everyone knows that the aliens stopped giving out free anal probes after Oliver Willis refused to leave the mother ship. - Liberal Larry

"By Your Command"

It's really weird for me watching the Occupied Caprica scenes. They keep showing shots of downtown Vancouver and I keep going "But that's not an alien world! Hey, that's the building I work in!!" - MagikSlinger (259969)

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Moonbat Alpha

There are rumours over at Indymedia to the effect that several Anti-Bush protestors were hit by friendly fire. Not immediately clear is if the person depicted is one of those affected.

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Dof's quotomatic, addendum

"Never Surrender"

I would hammer away at the western trade unions to support the workers' organizations in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Support politically (yelling and screaming, demonstrating, lobbying their governments) and economically (raising money for a strike fund). The final scene in the revolutionary drama consists of massive demonstrations and strikes, shutting down the economy and demanding that the regime step down. Michael Ledeen

"Was the Big Tsunami God’s punishment for wrongdoing such as wearing bikinis or celebrating Christmas?"

What you must remember is that every profession, including the clergy, has its fair share of people who have no idea what they're talking about. - The God Squad

"langzaam opgezogen in het verhaal"

Als geloofwaardigheid je ding is dan had je duidelijk niks te zoeken bij Alias. - Johnny Texaco


Pro-USA blogger Dog of Flanders - LVB

Het VB is mij een nieuwe sarcasmemeter schuldig:

Het Vlaams Belang kan zich dan ook niet voorstellen dat welke Vlaamse partij dan ook steun zou geven aan deze anti-democratische voorstellen, die thuishoren in een dictatuur, maar niet in een democratie. - Frank Vanhecke

"scratch the surface"

The Bush administration has to begin by understanding that the fundamental cause of the trans-Atlantic rift is the ambition of the leaders of France and Germany to build the diverse countries of Europe into a European super-state dominated by the largest member states, that is themselves. This project is dangerously unpopular with many European voters. To overcome that unpopularity, those leaders have needed to mobilize a countervailing emotion: anti-Americanism. - David Frum

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