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Dof's quotomatic, addendum

"Never Surrender"

I would hammer away at the western trade unions to support the workers' organizations in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Support politically (yelling and screaming, demonstrating, lobbying their governments) and economically (raising money for a strike fund). The final scene in the revolutionary drama consists of massive demonstrations and strikes, shutting down the economy and demanding that the regime step down. Michael Ledeen

"Was the Big Tsunami God’s punishment for wrongdoing such as wearing bikinis or celebrating Christmas?"

What you must remember is that every profession, including the clergy, has its fair share of people who have no idea what they're talking about. - The God Squad

"langzaam opgezogen in het verhaal"

Als geloofwaardigheid je ding is dan had je duidelijk niks te zoeken bij Alias. - Johnny Texaco


Pro-USA blogger Dog of Flanders - LVB

Het VB is mij een nieuwe sarcasmemeter schuldig:

Het Vlaams Belang kan zich dan ook niet voorstellen dat welke Vlaamse partij dan ook steun zou geven aan deze anti-democratische voorstellen, die thuishoren in een dictatuur, maar niet in een democratie. - Frank Vanhecke

"scratch the surface"

The Bush administration has to begin by understanding that the fundamental cause of the trans-Atlantic rift is the ambition of the leaders of France and Germany to build the diverse countries of Europe into a European super-state dominated by the largest member states, that is themselves. This project is dangerously unpopular with many European voters. To overcome that unpopularity, those leaders have needed to mobilize a countervailing emotion: anti-Americanism. - David Frum

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