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Lieven De Cauter, lord of the randdebielen

A few hundred protestors. That's, what, five eejits for every participating "organisation"?

here's the hall of shame.

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Few hundred That's for each organisation of stopbush the president and the treasurer ;-)

VRT says few 1000, what needs to be translated by max 300. RTL: 500...

Very high level interview of the guy on your picture: "our politicians have a mandate of the public opinion".. I thought they got a mandate through a democratic voting process, bu of cours, I can be wrong.

Very nice demo from neo-nazi's with palestinian flag in front of the US embassy. VRT forgot to hide that flag...

Gepost door: karel | 20-02-05

Cute! He really looks like a sweetie. Love the excitement on his face. Does he have a *shower* too? He looks like he needs one badly. And his hair is TOO SHORT!

Gepost door: VH | 21-02-05

nah Nah, looks long enough for me to get the girls kinky. And it works!!! See that cutie over his shoulder with the long brown hair? No, not the 7-year old, the other one with the glasses.

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 21-02-05

Looks you are famous on Indymedia now.

Gepost door: karel | 21-02-05

you too?????? Dammit, it's true!??!!

"...We know that in belgium there will always be rumors about any left wing initiative that it is being linked to the PTB. Nazi websites like do have a reason. ...."

Hey dof, you are a Nazi????????? Oooooh naughty naughty, and you never told me!!!

Gepost door: The Outlaw Michael Cosyns | 22-02-05

what does his hair have to do with anything... that's the shallowest most stupidest thing I've ever heard anyone say...
"Yeah that man fights for what he beliefs in, but his hair is to short... so he's an idiot..."
seriously people?? even that little girl on the picture knows better...

He saw unjustice, even if it was on the other side of the world, and he saw something needed to be done, so he started an organisation, that still exists and organizes many things to try and help, and do what's right

he wrote 10 books and is a respected professor at the KULeuven, RITS, Berlage and P.A.R.T.Z.... and he is the founder of the bRussels tribunal
hardly een "randdbiel" hij heeft een doctoraat...
what have you guys reached in your pothetic lives? you trash people on the internet... wow... never heard of that before.. the only credit I can give you is that you're right to be to scared to say it in his face... cause deep down you know he's a better man then any of you will ever be...

Gepost door: frederiekje | 19-06-11

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