"Falling Apart At The Seams"

Hariri Roundup:

Recall of Margaret Scobey, Ambassador (E&P) to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Was Rafik Hariri's assassination a Syrian hit?" - Micheal Young over at Slate.

"A cloud descends over Lebanon's political future" - The Daily Star predicts the Syrians may try to call off the elections.

On the other hand, business as usual for Solana: "No need to change EU-Syria ties" - Seattle PI. Solana reserves the right to change his stance depending the outcome of a Syrian whitewash investigations.

Did I say investigation? "Saudis balk at French call for Hariri probe"

Saudi Arabia, with close ties to assassinated former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri, took issue Tuesday with French calls for an international probe into his death, saying Beirut's own judiciary is capable of doing the job.

One out of three branches isn't bad, what with the legislative being blown up and the executive standing there with his d*ck in his hand, the Lebanese are fortunate to have a capable judiciary.

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