-"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling corruption is going on in here!"
-"Your winnings, sir"

He came to the UN for its integrity - Clearly, he was misinformed:

United Nations - The United Nations official who headed the former oil-for-food programme in Iraq obtained allocations of Iraqi oil and a series of unusual cash payments, according to a damning new investigation on Thursday.

The official, Benon Sevan, has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyers quickly denounced the enquiry as a politically motivated attempt to find a scapegoat for the scandal-tainted programme that has badly damaged the UN's image.

But UN Secretary General Kofi Annan immediately ordered disciplinary action and his chief-of-staff said the report appeared to have proven the allegations against Sevan, a Cypriot national.

"The secretary general is shocked by what the report has to say about Mr Sevan," said Mark Malloch Brown, Annan's chief-of-staff.

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