"Hurry, fidel, the line to piss on your grave has already started, and it's long."

Few of my readers will disagree with my placing the ethically-challenged Steve Stevaert, who sees nothing wrong with propping up Communist dictatorships with taxpayer money somewhere below the infusoria, where he is in excellent company of the like-minded Zapatero.

Luckily, we also have experts on the subject of communist dictatorships alive who are willing to speak up:

One of the strongest and most powerful democratic institutions in the world -- the European Union -- has no qualms in making a public promise to the Cuban dictatorship that it will re-institute diplomatic Apartheid. The EU's embassies in Havana will now craft their guest lists in accordance with the Cuban government's wishes. The shortsightedness of socialist Prime Minister José Zapatero of Spain has prevailed.

Try to imagine what will happen: At each European embassy, someone will be appointed to screen the list, name by name, and assess whether and to what extent the persons in question behave freely or speak out freely in public, to what extent they criticize the regime, or even whether they are former political prisoners. Lists will be shortened and deletions made, and this will frequently entail eliminating even good personal friends of the diplomats in charge of the screening, people whom they have given various forms of intellectual, political or material assistance. It will be even worse if the EU countries try to mask their screening activities by inviting only diplomats to embassy celebrations in Cuba.

I can hardly think of a better way for the EU to dishonor the noble ideals of freedom, equality and human rights that the Union espouses -- indeed, principles that it reiterates in its constitutional agreement. To protect European corporations' profits from their Havana hotels, the Union will cease inviting open-minded people to EU embassies, and we will deduce who they are from the expression on the face of the dictator and his associates. It is hard to imagine a more shameful deal.

- Václav Havel in the Miami Herald.

While Steve obviously stays belows Havel's radar, LVB and Derk Jan Eppink give him a seriously deserved trashing:

Stevaert zit nu in het spoor van De Man: roodbruin. Hij zou beter in de leer gaan bij Karel Van Miert die in 1968 in Praag was. Hij zag hoe tanks een ontluikende democratie platreden. Van Miert zag het verschil tussen vrijheid en dictatuur.

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