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Who effin cares:

Lebanese Information Minister, Elie Ferzli, said that "at the recommendation of parliamentary foreign affairs committee, we are studying the possibility of taking retaliatory measures against the U.S. and French media,"


The[ir] statement[s] came after Washington classified Al Manar TV channel as a “terrorist organization” and after France banned the broadcasts of the station.

In other Lebanese news, we have this:

Syrian forces evacuated three security and intelligence centers in Beirut and north Lebanon on Saturday, in the sixth Syrian pullout since 2000.


However, the statement did not specify whether troops would head home or be redeployed in the Bekaa region.

Commentary on the same pullout:

The Lebanese could hardly be saddled with a more enigmatic partner. Syrian policies on Lebanon and sub-regionally - if "policies" is the right word - are unfathomable, and the cumulative effect is totally unconducive to coherence in any aspect of foreign or domestic policy at home in Syria or in a Lebanon that is growing more volatile rather than more stable as a result. This is an unhealthy state of affairs and Damascus, at the very least, should clarify its position regarding its relationship with Lebanon.

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