"Now pass the blame and don't blame me"


NY post: Saddam Hussein illegally pocketed a staggering $21 billion from the scandal-scarred U.N. oil-for-food program — more than twice the previous estimate, congressional investigators said yesterday.

Something in the watersupply: the NVA (yes, it's a stupid name) gets some "republican" (in the original sense) attitude. Belgium, the monarchy: who needs that crap?

More selective outrage: after his party being outlawed, Gerolf Annemans reminds judges that two can play that game, prompting the usual suspects to pop out and decry Anneman's disrespect for the separation of powers, or at least the leftover bits thereof.

Pim Fortuyn is voted "Dutchman most likely to annoy others when voted greatest Dutchman ever". I would have voted for the inventors of the copper wire myself.

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