More blood for cocoa

Gee, where did he learn language like this?

La Côte d'Ivoire sera pour la France pire que le Vietnam et le gouvernement ivoirien est entré en "résistance" contre ce qui est perçu comme la mainmise française, a déclaré dimanche le président de l'Assemblée nationale ivoirienne, Mamadou Koulibaly.

In other news, the AP, who seem to be running out of punctuation marks, reports the demise of the Ivorian airforce:

Ivory Coast its tiny air force destroyed and its airports taken by the French in retaliation for a deadly airstrike on a French peacekeeping position reluctantly said Sunday it was willing to cease fire and that it was pulling back troops.


About 250 French troop reinforcements landed Sunday at Abidjan's international airport, which was taken by France late Saturday after it destroyed what it said was the entire Ivory Coast air force five helicopter gunships and the two Russian-made Sukhoi warplanes used in the airstrike on the French.

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