Learn Dutch with Theo Van Gogh

Jeff Jarvis spent more than an hour last night watching the vlogs of Theo Van Gogh, not hindered by any knowledge of the Dutch language, inspiring this series of "Learn Dutch with Theo Van Gogh".

Video dagboek 11 / Video Diary 11

"Ik weet niet eh... het hoeveelste videodagboek dit is, maar vandaag heb ik er geen zin in."

"I don't know eh... how many video diaries this makes, but i'don't feel like it today."

hoeveel: how many
het/de hoeveelste: an interrogative that asks for an ordinal, rather than a cardinal number. lit: the howmanyest
zin hebben in: to want, to like, to fancy

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Easy When You Know German Jarvis speaks German, so I'm surprised he couldn't make anything of the stuff he watched. The sentence you quote translates into German with only cosmetic alterations: "Ich weiss nicht eh ... wieviel videotagebuecher est is, aber heute habe ich keine ..." you get the idea.

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