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When do WE get to shoot at stuff?

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast - French peacekeepers shot down two Ivory Coast warplanes and a military helicopter Saturday after the aircraft bombed their position, killing a French soldier and wounding 20 others, a U.N. military spokesman said.

The strike was the latest government bombing run since hard-line Ivory Coast army commanders broke a more than year-old cease-fire on Thursday, launching launched airstrikes on rebel positions in the north.

At 1:30 p.m., the warplanes struck French positions at Brobo, near the rebel-held town of Bouake, U.N. military spokesman Philippe Moreux said. ``As a response, the French shot down two Sukhoi 25s and one MI-24 helicopter,'' Moreux said.

UPDATE: more from the blood for cocoa front:

"In the center of the Ivory Coast, a (French) camp was bombarded by two Sukhoi 25 (planes), and in response to this attack two aircraft have been destroyed," French Defense Ministry spokesman Jean-Francois Bureau said in Paris.

"For the moment we have counted eight dead, French soldiers, and 23 injured," he said.

An Ivorian army officer told Reuters the air strike on the French base was a "mistake" and that the warplanes had meant to target a rebel position nearby.

French troops fired teargas to disperse pro-government supporters who gathered outside their base in the main city of Abidjan to protest at the destruction of the aircraft.

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sukhois They were NOT shot down, but destroyed on the ground, as the article says. It would have surprised me if French infantry on duty in Africa to assist in peacekeeping operations had had aircraft combat capability at hand. On the other hand, I AM surprised a piss-poor country like Ivory Coast has Frogfoots at its disposal after all, though apparently not pilots able to handle them "efficiently".

Gepost door: Michael Cosyns | 06-11-04

more corrections... The 2nd article corrects the 1st one, that much is true.

Speaking of corrections, maybe your tense is incorrect and your remark should read:
"Ivory Coast HAD Frogfoots at its disposal" cos i'm not sure if they had more than two.

Gepost door: dof | 07-11-04

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