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Put your best champagne in the fridge, if you haven't done that yet, cos he's a goner:

French doctor says Arafat has no chance of coming out of coma.

A source quoted on French television said that Arafat is breathing with the help of a respirator and is not responding to medical treatment that is being administered. The source, a doctor in the hospital, claims that Arafat has no chance of coming out of the coma. The doctor, who asked to remain anonymous, said that in the past three years Arafat's health has been neglected, which led to its deterioration.

Like, the text beneath the link just changed:

Earlier on Thursday, French officials and a French radio station, Radio Monte Carlo, reported the Palestinian leader's death.

The reports were denied by PA officials, including former prime minsiter Ahmed Qureia and senior adviser Mohammed Rashid.

OK, the story seems to be that he's braindead and kept alive with machinery. Sounds like a metaphor for the "Palestinian State" if you ask me.

UPDATE: if you can't wait, there's always the "Arafat is Dead Party Thread". Hava nagila!

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