never mind the "wooden acting" joke.

You guys all did this?

"It's something we all did as kids with Barbie and Ken dolls. ... The whole joke of it is that it's just two dolls flopping around on each other. You see the hinges on their legs," Parker told the Los Angeles Times.

Producer Scott Rudin says that at least nine edits of the puppet love scene were shown to the MPAA before the board accepted that it had been toned down enough to qualify for an R, which requires anyone under 17 to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. The Restricted tag warning says the rating is for "graphic, crude and sexual humor, violent images and strong language, all involving puppets."

Jeez, you'd almost think Stone en Parker get their kicks from messing with the MPAA dudes.

Bill has a nice roundup of DU reactions:

I'm sorry but any film that tries to paint liberals as traitors is sick

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