How do you say "Halliburton" in Arabic?

Foreign occupants, unreliable electricity, but not in the international press:

"The administrative district of Beirut will have around-the-clock electricity, while the South, the Bekaa and North Lebanon districts will have around 21 hours" per day, a statement said.

As for Mount Lebanon, which includes Beirut's southern suburbs, EDL said it will be receive about 18 hours of electricity per day.

Mount Lebanon, which was the last to have power restored Friday afternoon, "will start to receive around 21 hours of electricity by Friday night," said the statement, contradicting a Thursday statement saying electricity would be restored by Saturday.

Indeed, some dastardly people have been making comparisons and asking questions:

... Beirut MP Adnan Arakji considered the electricity crisis "a scandal" saying that the matter should be discussed thoroughly in order to find a "once-and-for-all solution."

He also asked how "reviving the Iraqi electrical sector needs less than $7 billion," while Lebanon has already spent "$9 billion on its electricity sector and yet is still suffering from darkness."

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