ABC Australia has an interesting interview with Dr Nourzhanov, a Lecturer at the Australian National University's Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies:

KIRILL NOURZHANOV: The right direction is basically to let Chechens to take care of their own affairs on their own, and that's precisely what Putin has been doing at least for the past three years. Now the Chechens do have a president who is an ethnic Chechen. Now the law enforcement boarders in Chechnya are pretty much Chechenised and I understand that Chechnya is not doing too badly from the economic point of view.

ELEANOR HALL: If that's the case though, I mean is Chechnya is on the right track, to what do you attribute this terrible tragedy in Beslan?

KIRILL NOURZHANOV: Well I don't necessarily agree that the tragedy in Beslan should be linked to the cause of Chechen independence. I actually quite strongly believe that it is not linked at all. I do believe that what has happened in Beslan, what has been happening all over Russia in the past couple of months is linked really to the global Islamists project, rather than the cause of Chechen independence.

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