Where are the three stooges when you need them?

The head heeb points out that not all Lebanese are prepared to drop their trousers and bend over for Baby Assad, some of them even having balls enough to poke him in the eye.

In light of the latest development, especially the Cabinet's decision to hold an extraordinary session to amend the Constitution, and following the campaign launched on June 15, 2004 "In Defense of the Republic and the Constitution," the campaign resulted in a national petition published on Aug. 8, 2004, and more signatories came from different parts of Lebanon, only to reaffirm the public's refusal to tamper with the Constitution. Any attempts to change the Constitution to allow for extension, renewing or reelecting the sitting president would mean prolonging the life of the current situation and submitting to foreign powers, the petitioners say.

One signatory missing is our very own Lebanese-Belgian hybrid, enfant terrible Dyab AJJ, of AEL & MDP fame. This leaves us begging the question if AJJ prefers his Lebanon to be occupied as an independent Lebanon might benefit the Zionist entity.

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