The price of nobility - a tale of two Lukes

We did notice but didn't report upon Flemish daily "Gazet van Antwerpen" having "to let go" its editor in chief Luc Van Loon. It may have been equal parts lazyness on our side, or just the fact that we were waiting for a more substantial report in their own columns. Better scrap that substantial.

Dit weekend heeft de directie van De Vlijt, uitgeefster van Gazet van Antwerpen, de arbeidsovereenkomst met hoofdredacteur Luc Van Loon (62) verbroken. Van Loon leidde Gazet van Antwerpen sinds 1996. Eerstdaags wordt een opvolger aangeduid.

We fired Luc van Loon. Don't ask us why, we don't have a statement prepared. Hell, we don't even have a replacement yet.

De directie van De Vlijt achtte begin dit jaar de tijd rijp om een nieuwe kracht aan het hoofd van de redactie te plaatsen. Luc Van Loon werd een andere functie binnen het bedrijf aangeboden. De onderhandelingen daarover zijn helaas vastgelopen.

We also asked Luc to participate in a charade. This being a family paper, we can't print his exact reply. It was mostly negative.

Luc Van Loon heeft acht jaar lang aan het hoofd van de redactie gestaan. Hij voerde talloze vernieuwingen door en gaf Gazet van Antwerpen in korte tijd een nieuw elan. De directie betreurt de afloop van deze zaak en beklemtoont dat dit ontslag geen afbreuk doet aan de prestaties van Luc Van Loon in het verleden.

By convention, we have to say a few good words about Luc. Again, we can't print what we really think about that a**hole.

Notorious blogger LVB (also a Luc) keeps silent on the matter on his blog, but those frequenting some obscure or trashy usenet groups may have noticed his gratuitously juxtaposing the fact of other-Luc's dismissal with that of Tony Martens, head honchette of Concentra, owner of the "Gazet", enjoying royal favour. It's almost as if he wanted to insinuate something, but for the love of Xenu, we can't imagine what.

ADDENDUM: my lawyer nixed my original cartoon based on Luke's images, so i must circumvent with this Cartoon Construction Kit:

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If... If this was the approved cartoon, Imagine My Astonishment at your original.

Gepost door: Adriane | 02-08-04

WTF?????? I have no friggin' clue what it is you are trying to say. The fella above is LvL; is the lady below a real lady, or Tony Baert with a wig, or the widow of Tony Martens, whoever that may be?

I'm dumb, remember. Or rather, grown so disgusted with Flemish media I read virtually nothing anymore but "De Standaard", although that's utter crap, and LVB, Flexflint and, ahem, this site once in awhile.

Gepost door: Michael Cosyns | 04-08-04

duh Clearly, the operative word here is "construction kit".

The reader is supposed to re-arrange the visuals elements , either mentally, or by using tools such as Photoshop or scissors in a way that would pretend to illustrate my view on how Luc van Loon has been treated by his employers.

Gepost door: dof | 05-08-04

Tony Martens = female @Cosyns: Tony Martens = Tony Baert = Tony Baert-Martens, official first name: Tonia. Widow of Jan Baert.

@DOF: seems to be a tale of three Lukes, since the successor is also a Luc.

Gepost door: LVB | 05-08-04

should have called here a honchesa: Vimes: "A monarch's an absolute ruler, right? The head honcho--"
Carrot: "Unless he's a queen."
Vimes: "OK, or the head honchette--"
Carrot: "No, that'd only apply if she was a young woman. Queens tend to be older. She'd have to be a ... a honcharina? No, that's for very young princesses. No. Um. A honchesa, I think."

Gepost door: dof | 05-08-04

Today on the front page of HBVL ... photo of happy baroness Tony B-M, in the company of king Albert II, queen Paola and viceroy Steve Stevaert. Scan and analysis coming up on LVBlog, in a few days ...

Gepost door: LVB | 04-09-04

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